Podcast addict for PC (Windows 10, Linux & Mac)

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Podcast addict for PC | Are you looking for how to listen to podcasts on computer, then, you have landed in the right place.

With the help of our tutorial you will able to know how to listen to podcasts on a windows computer.

If you are searching for ‘is there something like podcast addict for PC’. Read the tutorial you will get your answer.

Podcast addict app is installed in PC as well as mobile. You can download this app from Google play/Apple store for free.

It manages podcasts and deliver to you when you are productive. Podcast Addict is very popular among teenagers marketplace and growing very fast.

It let you connect thousands of different podcasts what you love to listen. Podcast addict Windows 10 could be a political analysis show and commentary.

Wondering how to download Podcast addict app for PC.

So, without wasting a fraction of second, let’s start the tutorial on how to download and install Podcast addict on PC for Windows 10, Linux and Mac.

How to listen to podcasts on a Windows, Mac and Linux computer

Podcast addict for PC has some pros, all Podcasts will be saved in the Android emulator folder in desktop hard drive. Moreover, you can save podcast at a particular time. When you are in travel, you can listen to all podcast in your PC/laptop. In addition, with the help of PC, a user can publish podcast and view FEEDs.

What is Podcast addict app?

Podcast addict came from two words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’ from Radio broadcast. The Guardian columnist and BBC journalist Ben Hammersley were introduced podcast to the world as said by Wikipedia.

It basically focuses on videos and audios podcast.  

A Podcast addict app allows the user to download and share episodes you like most in the form of Video, audio and digital newspaper.

It offers auto update new episode on feeds.

Moreover, it allows automatically download the new podcast to your phone internal storage.

Podcast addict app subscriptions and episode downloads

Podcast addict app for PC – You can subscribe podcast as you wish just by a tap on +, moreover, subscription is free, you can subscribe unlimited episodes.

It has an inbuilt search engine that allows you to search an episode podcast using keyword and find your right podcast along with similar podcasts.

It’s highlighting popular pages where people are engaging and keep you up to date on what you like most.  

Podcast addict app allows you to listen and adjust the playback speed to your liking and video and audio is resume able if you accidentally close the app.

It has over 20 millions of episodes available to download, in addition, for signing up it only requires audio access, where other apps need contacts, storage, camera and more.

Podcast addict apps on computer advantages and disadvantages

To download Podcast addict app for PC, there is some advantages and disadvantages. This application has free paid as well as free version.


  • In the free versions you can access millions of episodes for free.
  • Based on provided settings, your podcast will be filtered and manages accordingly. In addition, you can download an episode in your PC.
  • Tap on the header download button and also, you can place an episode on a playlist by tapping on footer + button.
  • This app offers backup and restoration facility if the app accidentally deleted or system crashes. It automatically restores all the data inside its server.


  • There is annoying ads in free version and for a paid version, you will get ads free experience with a few advanced features.
  • Streaming podcast on PC doesn’t feel you comfortable.

Podcast app details and system requirements:

Run on PCBluestacks 4 & Nox
Operating SystemsWindows 10,8,7, XP or Mac
App DeveloperXavier Guillemane
App UpdatedApril 9, 2019
CategoryNews & Magazines

10 special features Podcast addict app

Podcast addict app for PC – Why Podcast addict app is addictive? Well, there are some special features which make it addictive to a podcast. I have mentioned some features which make your life easier by using this app.

  1. Download all latest episodes inside the phone and watch at the production schedule.
  2. Place episodes in a playlist like YouTube.
  3. Auto update episodes when you are sleep.
  4. Watch all episodes offline without using wifi and 4G data.
  5. Subscribe episodes as much you can.
  6. You can create your own Podcast and publish for free.
  7. Every morning listen to religion experts thoughts.
  8. Add the most liked podcast to liked category and watch when you want.
  9. More than 60K popular network is available.
  10. Automatically backup and restore even if you remove this app.

Download Podcast addict app for PC on Windows 10, Linux & Mac

Steps to download podcast addict for PC, Download podcast addict for PC, listen to podcasts on pc
Steps to download podcast addict for PC

listen to podcasts for PC . As I said earlier, I will use an Android emulator on my PC so that I can install and run any Android app on my PC. There are two android emulators which are very popular as an Android app player on the internet, these are Blustacks and NOX app player.

I am using Blustacks because it is easy to install in a low configuration laptop and computer.

Where NOX app player has a few advanced features compared to Blustacks but, It requires highly configured PC for installation.

I will show you two process first is download app from Playstore and second is with help of apk file.

Steps to Download podcast addict app for PC

  1. Download Blustacks 4 app player using this link.
  2. Install and run Blustacks, it may require a few minutes.
  3. Open it, and sign in using your Google account(Gmail).
  4. Open the Playstore and search for “Podcast addict”.
  5. Download and install the Podcast addict app to Blustacks.
  6. Open the Podcast app & sign up by necessary pieces of information.

Download Podcast addict for PC by apk file

  1. Download apk file from the given link
  2. Place the download file in your PC.
  3. Now, drag the file over the Blustacks.
  4. You will see, the app has been  installed

In this two way, you can download Podcast addict app for windows 10. Linux and Mac PC.


Podcast addict app for PC – You have learned ‘how to download podcast addict app on Windows 10, Linux and Mac’.

If you are facing any problem regarding this tutorial, do comment below, so that I can provide you another simple solution.

If you know, any other way to download podcast addict for PC, kindly share with us. Kindly, share this tutorial to your loved one, so that others can be benefited.

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